Saturday, September 12, 2009

NHL Lawyer Serves Up Meat Loaf - Bankruptcy Beat - WSJ

I have taken a bit of a break from blogging about bankruptcy, and have been diverted to politics, namely health care and Joe Wilson. That being said, I love the NHL case in Phoenix. In particular the attorney for the NHL, Tony Clark, who seems to find more obscure pop culture references that I can--this is, after all, how I evaluate brilliance. First, it was Seinfeld--please see my earlier post here Seinfeld Theory Argued In Coyotes Case - Bankruptcy Beat - WSJ --now Meat Loaf (the singer not the dish).

Trying to prove a point, he explained that unlike the Meat Loaf song, 2 out of 3, was bad. Unfortunately, the Judge was not a fan of Mr. Loaf, and Mr. Clark was forced to explain his joke (never a good idea). Trying to explain Meat Loaf, Mr. Clark could only come up with the fact that "he is a big fat guy" who may or may not be around. Then he tried to smoothly remove his foot from his mouth (also an indication of intelligence) by saying he may no longer be fat. Well, he was close. Mr. Loaf, like many of us, fights an up and down battle with weight, and is still around (doing movies and commercials).

NHL Lawyer Serves Up Meat Loaf - Bankruptcy Beat - WSJ

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